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Government Relations | Lobbying Services | Testimonial Preparation | Policy Monitoring | Legislative Analysis

Through our Government Affairs offering, 2GIP helps clients monitor, analyze and shape legislation. We are adept in supporting regulatory policy with state, local and federal bodies. We work to ensure the adoption of legislation and regulation that promote business for small, local, minority, women-owned, and disadvantaged businesses.  We also specialize in the advocacy to promote business innovation, and science, technology, engineering, math (STEM) to support workforce development and job creation.    
2GIP’s unique value is based on our knowledge of the legislative environment and our ability to navigate it in support of complex issues.  Our team has a thorough understanding of the legislative process of regulation and leverages its contacts with business, legislators and other key stakeholders to drive results for our clients.  We understand the political environment and how that environment impacts policy locally and nationally.  Working with elected officials in the legislative and executive branches of government, we are able to facilitate dialogue necessary to effectively resolve our client issues.  We help our clients respond to legislative concerns with a proven approach which includes client briefings, testimonial preparation, and drafting of proposed legislation.



Management and Project Administration | Enterprise Transformation | Business Process Redesign & Improvement I Strategic Planning and Development | Organizational Development and Alignment I Planning Support | Financial Practices and Control

2GIP’s experiences within the private sector and working with various governmental agencies allows us to leverage best practices to assist client organizations with improving operational effectiveness and efficiency. 2GIP provides skilled Program/Project Management Services to drive performance improvement and desired output of complex programs.  We assist customers in planning, initiating, managing, executing, and closing out to ensure that projects are completed in scope, on time and within cost.  Our consultants are project management certified and are active in practicing the PMI discipline.
2GIP offers full life cycle strategic planning and implementation. From mission and vision ideation, through defining organizational goals and objectives, and finally to implementation and monitoring, we assist organizations in bringing their aspirations to fruition. We employ our entrepreneurial mindset and training to challenge clients to consider various options that improve ROI, customer satisfaction, performance and marketplace goodwill.
Lastly, whether it is a department, division or the entire organization that is undergoing change, managing the change process including staff concerns and expectations requires a nuanced touch. Among 2GIP professional staff are change management certified practitioners, who have experience implementing enterprise-wide change programs. Equally importantly, 2GIP is skilled in communicating the process, articulating the benefits and challenges, and gaining the consensus and acceptance necessary for successful change.



Business Growth Planning | Market Strategy Development | Relationship Brokering | Lead Generation | Stakeholder Engagement

2GIP offers expert business development support to industry clients who are interested in doing business with the public sector.  Our team leverages proven business development strategies and years of public sector sales and business development success to help our clients navigate the complex Local, State, Federal and International government markets.   We help our clients identify, qualify, and close business by working with them through the entire lifecycle of government opportunities.  Our approach focuses on five key areas to help our clients to find success in the public-sector market. 
2GIP also adds value for our clients with our deep working knowledge of public sector procurement rules and regulations. Our team understands the unique nature of government contracts/grants and the complexity of the process and administration. Our procurement advisory support services helps our clients avoid costly procurement mistakes.



Public, Private Partnership | ICT for Economic Growth | Innovation Advocacy | Enterprise Development | Program Evaluation

2GIP delivers expert services to execute transformation to assist development agencies and NGO’s in addressing some of the world’s most critical challenges.  With many years of experience working around the globe in Africa, South America, Southeast Asia, Middle East, and Eastern Europe, 2G-IP concentrates on a services portfolio that helps to build communities by promoting good governance, global health and economic growth.
Public–private partnership (PPP) describes a government service or private business venture which is funded and operated through a partnership of government and one or more private sector companies.  In some more elaborate configurations, NGO’s are engaged as implementers and are party to the partnership.  These schemes are sometimes referred to as PPP, P3 or P3
2GIP offers services to clients to demonstrate the value of building partnerships that leverage the collective resources of the parties to help solve some of government’s toughest challenges.  We work with our clients in implementing, negotiating, managing and facilitating Public, Private Partnerships.  Our team has many years of enterprise and government experience working with USAID, UN Agencies, State Department, Millennium Challenge Corporation, Howard University, Microsoft, and the President’s Emergency Plan for Aids Relief, among others.  Our services are available to industry clients, government clients, academic and NGO’s.  Increasingly Public, Private Partnerships are growing in popularity, given the current economic pressures governments are facing.  These partnerships are no longer exclusive to international development, but are now being leveraged by local and state governments.